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"Would be awful, if we perceived ourselves only
in that piece, which is given to us to live on ground.

Wilhelm Mikhailovsky

There are people, which have grown together with city, where they live,so close that it gives their relations especial sense. If to deprive Mikhailovsky with Riga he will become another Mikhailovsky. If to deprive Riga with Mikhailovsky it will become other Riga.

The graphic of light

-   When I look on a collection created by you for 10 years of photos, on which everything is embodied, that happened with us and with our country, I am occupied by one idea: who warns you about, where and what should take place? How you are able to appear in the necessary time on the necessary place?
-   I am not able. I did not study in this. Simply I'm a part of a power information flow. It is impossible to explain it from a position of logic and common sense. But I define not from these positions much. I know that all is subordinated to will which I in myself carry, and the will mine is free. It does depend neither on time, nor from weather, from colors of flags. That all in me. I'm truehearted in its display, and this entreaty, that the event was with me, that it went on me, realizes my desire. I understand, that as a matter of fact I not the photographer. I'm the playwright also express idea through a photo. The man can be everybody, but if he carries in himself clean energy, he not only witness or participant of events. He provokes these events. By learning an internal nature of this phenomenon, I have learned it to use. As though at me is has sunk down, which any event approaches. Sometimes I understand that objectively to this is not ready. But me as though transfer from one glass in another. And one glass muddy, and another - crystal.

-   When you occur in the street with a camera environmental perceive you how enemy or friend?
-   For a fact I'm not a " the man with a camera ". A camera at me anybody never sees. As against many other photographers I not that that I hesitate of a camera, I it do not notice, so, it others do not notice also. For me the camera has not importance. If it was not, I by force of the imagination and spiritual energy could embody images on asphalt. At me such feeling has appeared, when I, happened, lacked time or was engaged in other businesses, and I would like to reflect light - not event, and light, which, in turn, reflects event. Because the photo is the graphic of light, reflection of light, but not as physical phenomenon, that understand everything, and as spiritual phenomenon. It vivifies the light, all-encompassing, all-pervading. I constantly am. In searches of reflection of this light, and it, as powerful radiation, unites also me, and my contemporaries, and event. Moreover, it by the philosophical importance unites mankind. Because it does not occur from anything. It is formed of a flow of time, which carries both those who was before us, and those who will be after us. What difference - plus - minus one thousand years! Yes, I realize, that I the not casual man, though I same, as well as all. But we lose this concept of a belonging to time, it is erased in household life. It, perhaps, most drama, that can take place with the man. Not only that he did not realize the opportunities, which are huge at everyone, and that he has lost usual sensation of a belonging to a flow of time given by a nature.

-   Why the man can lose it?
-   Because of laziness, because of compromises, because of that, that much is easily given to him. Is not present. The compromise constantly is present at daily life. But if the business concerns bases, what here can be the compromise! For example to kill or not to kill. And we already have reached that we think, as it is possible.
As if to ideology of creativity, here in general of any compromise can not. Yes, it extremism in a maximum degree, but only in relation to yourselves, in relation to yourselves, in relation to that space, which you as self-regulating system can use. But in this space there should not be your victims. You have not the right to offend, let alone cruelty.

-   … Only sometimes camera name as the weapon. And frequently it so.
-   The trade of the photographer is in itself very dangerous. You interfere in reserved zones of other people, but yourselves you too open. The systems of protection, which were formed on an extent, creating a nature of the man, are directed on protection not so much physical, how many spiritual. Biopower, which connects and separates all of us, with reference to the photographer works under other laws. And consequently I enter into real life, as in a crate to a tiger. The danger of intellectual aggression traps me always - in all times, at all modes. Even to present difficulty, as an opportunity differently to see to estimate, to think can become the reason of aggression and enmity between the people. And the photo mentions very thin matters. Therefore I should be as much as possible disarmed: please, tread down me, excruciate, destroy. I - am open! But it gives me a force too. Because I do not carry aggression. And the people feel it. So even one on one with the tank you have not the right to show of fear. Not simply to deceive itself, that, pier, I am not afraid, and simply to be always stronger than circumstances.


-   Tell, the life through an eyespot of a camera and life by an unaided eye is any other business?
-   Yes is not present at me an eyespot of a camera, It belongs to technological process.

-   Means, you see all time?
-   Yes, I see all time -. In that and business, that for me there is no distinction - with a camera or without it. On the one hand it simplifies my life, and with another - dramatize.

-   But whether attended you sometime desire - to not see?
-   Is not present. And when you are in the closed space, the sight becomes aggravated. Then there is a sight from depth. Up to a photo I constantly overcame myself in myself. It has enabled to save huge internal energy. In itself it anything. Simply all objects, which get in a zone of its activity, get the special importance. And it is connected not only with animate by the world. All can be spirit both stone, and sand, and grass. … But for this purpose my relations with the world should be clean and harmonious. And gift of harmony - gift from God. I comprehended harmony of space, in which the man seems as grain, and harmony of the return order - in soul of other man. Both their and their - infinity. All this incorporates and opens to me.

-   You have told "up to a photo". That was up to?
-  There was a life mine. And then it has become inseparable with life of other people - my friends close, familiar. And the photo is not as a trade, craft or art, and it is the mission. "up to a photo" there was a huge disappointment. I understood that I have no time for Breigel, or for Van Gauge, for Tsvetaeva or Akhmatova. I flied behind them, and my internal resources did not suffice. I tried to write verses. At me even the collection is - in any time has shown it to Liudmila Azarova, she was shaken: " Why you have left it? " And I saw all time the weakness. But when the disappointment was designated already as a condition of deep depression, here photo unexpectedly has appeared. As that was viewed, read, adjure…

-   And whether there was something unattainable?
-   Is a concept a little of itself as the particles are given with return concept that I can all. To me all is open. I do not consider myself deprived neither in a life, nor in personal life. But it only such given program, because I initially have understood, that should not depend on anything. I am free. It not delirium and not lie, not the illusion is really so. Business in that. That when you impregnate by any idea nothing is required. Only sincerity.
I know, that to all there comes the end, but I am afraid of another - I look, how some artists were lost and live, repeating itself. There was a period of lurking life. The charter from a superficial peel, I as though defiantly have slapped by a door both have left and have left only space for work. To collect that now I show at exhibitions third year, ten years of the closed life were required.
It was very difficult to decide. The specificity of my work is those, that the communications require expansion. But I have understood that the expansion to anything does not result, it conducts in emptiness. And here, in 80- to year I had exhibition in the Riga lock. I for the first time have shown myself pieceless - 96 works, for the first time as though has risen above itself and was released from itself. During an exhibition, about one month, I was in the exited condition, because could not go through - as it has left from me. At me you see all works - originals, I not popularize them. For me the energy of the original is important. For the first time then I have tested alienation. Was both success, and glory. But I suddenly have thought, whether I can live up to other similar exhibition? Because anybody, except for me, did not know, how many there is enclosed of forces. I have understood, that I shall live, if only I shall select something another. And I have refused because, that has made. Also was not mistaken.


-   Your action "Non stop" goes third year. Why did you need it?
-   Is it is necessary, first of all, me. Will tell egoism? Yes, but I am not confused. I have taken too high rod, which maybes never I shell achieve. I to itself the maximum severe and maximum requiring judge.

-   Then, under the large account, you the spectator whether or not is necessary?
-   And here already another. I see - poorly it or well. But for me it, actually, also it isn't necessary, because, as I already have told, in me inside all is embodied. Basic at these exhibitions - clarified persons of the people, which are drawn to me, as by a spiritual magnet. They come to me and become a part of me, they sainted my works, and works from it are charged and get other quality. It is any more not simple a slice of a cardboard with so lightfull surface, this touch of high power systems.

-   When you influence the spectators, you feel from it especial authority and force?
-   I have not the right to influence. I only give back, and to take whether or not - on it free will another. My installation contradicts the standard modern rules of a survival, when the people like animals. I know that the pacification is necessary.

-   Only your works excite, instead of mitigate.
-   Yes, but they do not create the contradictions. And if to speak about the very first impulse in my action, it is the protest against destruction of human memory - destruction in a name of the so-called light future, in a name stigmatize of the concrete persons, peoples… Task of the artist and chronographer - to show, that during existence of mankind was not and there is no damned time, there are no damned peoples. There is a unique space, in which the generations live. And the man was always happy, where he was and in what vague time he lived. Because the sensation " of residing of time " is most valuable and most important. And to deprive most important - crime.
I collect particles of time - both drama, and ironical, and lyrical - in a uniform clot. Now at exhibitions of the action is shown already about 1000 works. The action is total and aggressive. I go to the people. The man does not know, does not want and suddenly - him something opens. The man sees that without me can not see anything, and accepts with gratitude. I am glad, that on exhibitions there come the young people, which see light reflected and on most gloomy and on the most inspired persons. The time you see equally shines all.

-   For you is not present neither past, nor future, and there is a uniform time. But the life is short, and we on ground it is simple the visitors…
-   Yes, but the tragedy in it is not present. It is necessary to live not with sensation of battle or victory, and with sensation of happiness from comprehension itself in time. It as revelation, which has condescended, and see itself in ancient centuries and in future. On everyone depends how to look: in the universe or in emptiness.

-   I recollect your most surprising exhibition "Memory", where from photos on us looked the people who goes away and there was a strange sensation, that they here with us.
-   Would be awful, if we perceived ourselves only in that piece, which is given to us to live on ground. To be gone, which was up to me, belongs to me. The energy, which goes therefrom, it not a cemeterial energy, it alive and goes through me. And the life, which is held without us, will be sainted and our participation. Because each of us leaves the trace - on Riga's snowy streetways, at a cradle of children, touch through usual work - someone does breads, someone writes pictures. Main, that it occurred not mechanically, and with comprehension that all in the world depends not on the president, from the leaders of parties, at all from the law, and from you. The reason of all malicious, aggressions, troubles and the reason of happiness are only in you.

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