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The work in the periodic editions has been resulted Wilhelm Mihailovsky in the reporting, but his creative person comes to light completely, when he photographed not by the order. The value of these photos in most cases makes results of complex installation. Connecting separate motives and elements, Mihailovsky shows reflections about in common weighty, eternal and conclusive trues, about those values, which do not vary in due course and geography. Accordingly comparing them with modern style of life, he makes by their modern.

In the past his installation was more difficulty on structure in aspiration of the ideological decision of secrets of a beginning and representation of life. Then he has addressed to more simple subjects - reflections about the natural conflict between the man arrested on traditions, and stepping civilization.

By the end of the 70-th years his work was included in a third phase expressed as representational of cosmology. This impressing representation of problems of destiny of the man not only as terrestrial cosmopolite, but also as inhabitant installed. The installation here again allows him to create products, in which the actively expressed delight before the world results in meditations. In these unambiguous in the importance, the man is not released from daily occurrence, but these visions are represented to the drama messages, in which underlined insignificance of this daily occurrence in comparison with the laws and orders of the eternal universe.

Mihailovsky reconstructs secret of our life and essence on the Earth with vision of secrets of space. Not with the purpose of expression of desire of the greater validity, more raised ideally by organized universe, but glorifying eternal and strong life by representation of a question about dialectic connection of terrestrial existence in wider, only recently open and investigated space. It, certainly, also is the creative program of an associative photo - expression of sensitivity and imagination of the modern man placed in a different environment. But alive, inspiring and substantially enthusiastic expression in works Mikhailovsky's is unusual in that, does not express disappointment and skepticism of the member of a consumer society conscious, that, eventually, the society turns all achievement of mankind against his essence. The visions of Mikhailovsky do not include usual sensation of complete hopelessness; On the contrary, he considers this difficult complex of problems as a call, inevitable process of a varying image of life, as a means, in which he is adjusted optimistically, search of other forms of existence. The expression of the environmental world does not contain in works Mikhailovsky surrealistic of transformation.

Mikhailovsky unite the compositions in extensive cycles (collection), which names are in own way expressive and precisely define borders of a plan of the artist; a BEGINNING, SOURCES, RECONSTRUCTION, RECOGNITION, HUMANITY, REVIVAL etc. These works had the large success at exhibitions. Till now he had not an opportunity to use them in the other kind, for example, as the book. His first book - collection about Riga and her inhabitants self-contained under the form of expression, in a basis is constructed on the reporting. For the second book, above which drawing up some year's work, he wants to have more free choice.

Daniela Mrazkova
George Walsh and collective of the authors
"THE MODERN PHOTOGRAPHERS", publishing house "Maximillan", Surrey, 1982.

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