Invitation to Execution
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  Invitaion to execution

May 26, 1984 in Riga Valery Dolgov, the 24-th years old former student has made double murder. The investigation last two years, and July 15, 1986 announced a verdict - death penalty. October 28, 1987 the verdict is given in execution. On materials of this business the documentary film " Maximum court" (director of Hertz Frank, operator Andris Seletsiks, photographer Wilhelm Mikhailovsky) is created. The collection of photos of Wilhelm Mikhailovsky in 1988 has received the premium WORLD PRESS PHOTO in Amsterdam.

It is terrible - believe. It was terrible to be going with spirit and to rush in to be gone of infinite sufferings of other man, let and criminal expecting speed up, undoubtedly, guilty and punishment, fairly condemned to an exclusive measure, but nevertheless - the man. The man…

It already was terrible - to cross the first threshold - threshold of the chamber of death. But it is necessary to overcome a higher threshold - hidden, dividing the people. And way of overcoming for me unique: to comprehend not only mind - soul - a pain of other man repented and doomed. And if it is a sincere pain - yours, also trouble another's will become yours personal. Almost 1,5 years I was in dialogue with the man expecting of death, maybe, more terrible, than what he has brought at one time for others, because the new death will be regulated, organized, system, mechanical, unemotional, therefore hardly fair and moral, though also quite lawful.

October 28, 1987 Valery Dolgov pulled out itself and soul from abyss of the man has shot. … There are things more terrible than death. Now I know also about it.

Wilhelm Mikhailovsky

Wilhelm Mikhailovsky ©